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Hi! I'm Nick!

I am a photographer with over 15 years of experience in the Wedding industry.

My passion for travel and photography has led me not to limit myself to local work but to constantly seek new stimuli and adventures.

I love working with unconventional couples as they offer me the opportunity to explore new perspectives and create unique images.

I believe the secret to capturing authentic and spontaneous emotions is to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during photo sessions.

This allows me to capture genuine moments and create memories that will last forever.

My main skill is the ability to establish an empathetic relationship with the subjects I photograph.

This enables me to capture their essence and tell their story authentically. Furthermore, my experience has made me quick in action, able to seize fleeting moments and immortalize instances of pure happiness.

In addition to working in Italy, I have had the opportunity to shoot weddings abroad.

These experiences have enriched me both professionally and personally, allowing me to explore different cultures and unique settings.


I am always looking for new challenges and creative stimuli, and I am committed to providing high-quality photographic services that exceed my clients' expectations.


By choosing to entrust yourself to me, you will have a professional who will not only capture the special moments of your wedding but also create a pleasant and unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.


I am ready to be your companion in your wedding adventure, capturing every emotion, smile, and tear of joy from you and those who care about you."

my STORYtelling


Many still think it's limited to taking four posed photos with relatives. It can be much more.


The Wedding is a story that needs to be told.

It tells about you, your soul, and the people you care about the most.

Many photographers will tell you that this type of photography is simple, repetitive, and banal...

I don't think so.

Every genre of photography has its challenges.

Photographing people not used to being in front of the camera is always a great challenge, and for me, it has always been a very stimulating thing.

"The truth is that standing out is very difficult, just as it's very difficult to have a 'fresh' style that is free from the clichés of identical photos

of people kissing."

Often, identical photos are produced with people kissing because there is a fundamentally wrong understanding of the wedding event; I made this mistake too at the beginning.

Over the years, however, I've understood something as simple as it is fundamental:

We are not photographing products or models... we are photographing people on one of the most important days of their lives, in moments of anxiety and tension, happiness with their families, and sometimes melancholy and emotion...

It can't all be reduced to giving each other a fake kiss in front of the photographer.

I always say that the most important part of my job is done with the camera lowered.

It's about establishing a relationship with the person in front of the lens, and it needs to be done before the event and before taking the shot.


Breaking the ice and making people comfortable is fundamental if you want to make a difference and hope to add value.

ADDED VALUE is a term I repeat to myself before showing up at a wedding.

These days, almost anyone can take beautiful photos with phones and cameras.

My mission is to make a difference and not only take beautiful photos but tell who you are, how you are, and who loves you.

And the difference is made in an entire service, in the entire story, both in content and form.


THE FAMOUS EMOTIONS that everyone talks about... a term often overused (maybe) by us photographers. I love surrounding myself with people who know how to be moved, other photographers passionate about life and people, rather than the camera they hold in their hands."

"You cannot photograph emotions
if you are not willing to experience them yourself."

It moves me to photograph people having fun and expressing themselves.

I get emotional when photographing people who are moved.

The day I don't feel emotions doing what I do, I'll change jobs.

I have never been afraid of change.


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