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A Fairytale Wedding at VILLA PELLEGRINI in Verona Italy


Enrica and Cathal chose to script their destiny at Villa Pellegrini, Verona.

With Kreativa Eventi at the helm, their wedding transformed into a fairytale adventure.

Their big day was a spectacle of joy and colors, celebrating the union between Ireland and Italy.

A blend that turned the wedding into an exciting journey, an ode to love without borders. For those seeking an experienced photographer for destination wedding in italy, we captured every smile, every glance, every magical moment.

Kreativa Eventi and Gusto Banqueting turned Villa Pellegrini into a dreamy set.

Amidst the gentle hills of Verona, the villa became the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding, with our lens ready to immortalize the magic of every moment.

As a Wedding Photographer in Verona specializing in international weddings, we don't just capture images, but stories that speak to the heart.

Each photo tells a part of their fairy tale, an intimate blend of two cultures, with a sensitivity that only a true enthusiast can understand.

The sunset over Villa Pellegrini illuminate the future of Enrica and Cathal.

With Kreativa Eventi, they danced towards an 'even happier ever after,' while we immortalized every step.

Their story continues to be a sweet melody, with promises of infinite happiness and love, written in every photograph, ready to bring a smile to anyone who views them.

Photos by Nick Gritti Studio


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