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Antony surprised Chantellyne: Proposal photographer in Italy

Proposal photographer in Italy
Antony surprised Chantellyne: Proposal photographer in Italy

Immerse yourself in the allure of Hotel Belvedere in Bellagio, Lake Como, where Antony,

hailing from Miami, orchestrated an unforgettable proposal during their exploration of Italy. Collaborating with planner Alice Bellomo, Antony surprised Chantellyne with a mesmerizing diamond ring, making this moment an everlasting memory against the stunning backdrop of Lake Como.

As a seasoned Proposal Photographer in Italy, I seamlessly integrated into the scene, posing as a sommelier, and discreetly revealed my camera hidden beneath a tray to capture the raw emotions of Chantellyne as the cloche lifted, exposing the hidden ring.

Following the heartfelt proposal, the couple enjoyed a romantic evening, sipping fine wine with the scenic panorama of Lake Como as their backdrop.

To further enhance their experience, I invited them to unwind by the pool, curating an intimate photoshoot that prioritized comfort, genuine moments, and a touch of humor.

Antony's wish for a moonlit capture was granted, and as fate would have it, the full moon emerged from behind the mountains of Lake Como, providing a celestial backdrop to conclude our session.

For those seeking a Proposal Photographer in Italy, especially in the captivating settings of Lake Como and Bellagio, our approach goes beyond merely documenting moments. We craft a narrative that celebrates the joy, surprise, and enchantment of your special moments.

Celebrate your love story with us, where each frame is a testament to the beauty of proposals in Italy and the romance that Lake Como and Bellagio embody.

Nick Gritti Proposal Photographer in Italy


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